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Established in 1995, bb.q Chicken’s visions to always provide the most delicious and healthiest premium chicken in the world. bb.q Chicken is continually motivated to prepare and share only the best flavors with you. At bb.q Chicken, we cook all our chicken in olive oil.
Praised as the “Flowing Gold” by the great Homer, ancient Greek poet, olive oil contains zero trans fatty acids, prevent various diseases (cancer, leukemia and heart conditions), and includes key substances for anti-aging. In order to best apply the benefits, bb.q Chicken imports the best olives only available in Northern Spain.



“We don’t just make chicken; we make the difference”

First, welcome and thank you so much for your interest in the bb.q Chicken.

Since 1995, I have aimed to become the top franchise company of the world and have continuously poured all my efforts to overcome the endless list of challenges. I am truly motivated by the opportunity to provide the most delicious and healthiest premium chicken. bb.q Chicken is committed to an overarching philosophy: that business should be about providing tasty & healthy food and services that not only are the best quality, but that actually help make people happy, as well!

Hong Geun Yoon
Founder & CEO


bb.q Chicken is always looking for passionate and enthusiastic members to further empower our brand and corporate culture. If you are interested in becoming part of this global team, please contact us.