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The bb.q Chicken franchise support system is based on years of industry experience in franchisee education, product research and development, site developing, and supply chain and design. We are strongly committed to ensuring that bb.q Chicken franchise owners have the support they need to operate best-in-class restaurants.

Image of BBQ chicken express store

bb.q CHICKEN Express

This is our original and core concept. Mainly Chicken Express conducts delivery service and take-out. Chicken Express is affordable business model for startup seekers.
image of bb.q Chicken & Beer

bb.q Chicken & Beer

Korea’s No. 1 Chi-Mac (Chicken & Beer) brand with Korean culture wave. We are pursuing the value of “Smart Young Beer” and vintage concept with comfortable atmosphere.
image of bb.q Chicken Cafe

bb.q Chicken Cafe

It is multi concept café where people can eat brunch, relax in the afternoon, and have a happy dinner time with the family. Customers are able to enjoy bonding time with friends while drinking beer.